What we do

Trio develops solar energy projects on land, roofs, greenhouses, water, and car parks throughout the Netherlands. For each project we look for the best solution specifically for your situation. For example, we can buy or rent land positions, look for ways to combine solar energy with agriculture, and we always ensure that the project fits well within the existing landscape. We do this together with our partners, but especially with you as a roof or land owner. > Read more

For whom

Trio Investment finances and develops solar energy projects at various locations. We focus on the agricultural and the logistics sectors. > Read more

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About us

Founded in 2016, Trio Investment BV is a renewable energy investment company active in Europe and Emerging Markets. We are specialized in project development, construction, installation, and financing of renewable energy projects that are bankable and insurable. > Read more

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The yield of my soil is now about 12 times higher thanks to the solar farm. It’s a form of pension for me.
-Piet Koeckhoven, land owner





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