Earn money with your empty greenhouse or land position

Would you like to earn money with your empty greenhouse or with the land intended for the construction of a greenhouse? It’s possible! Instead of demolishing the unused construction, you can have solar panels placed on it. Thanks to a rental fee per panel, the empty greenhouse can still yield a significant sum. Moreover, you will contribute to the generation of green electricity.

Solar development company Green Farm Energy makes this possible. Trio Investment and Schep Makelaardij are the initiators of Green Farm Energy, working together with insurer Allianz Climate Solutions. For them, horticulture is a relatively new target group, as the focus started out on agriculture. However, the installation of solar panels on agricultural land requires a permit. Moreover, the ‘sacrifice’ of land for solar panels raises quite some resistance. This is different when using empty greenhouses.

That’s why the initiators see great opportunities for greenhouse horticulture, affirms Gabriëlle Smith of Green Farm Energy. “We are looking for horticulturists who want to make their greenhouse roof or still unoccupied land available for the installation of solar panels. In addition, we are talking with entrepreneurs in the horticultural sector who are interested in thinking along with us about the further development of these panels. After all, with new cultivation concepts that are less dependent on natural light, there may be opportunities to produce solar energy.

Years of experience

With years of international experience in realizing solar parks and solar roofs, Trio Investment is one of the largest investors in sustainable energy in Europe. Schep Makelaardij, on the other hand, has a lot of experience as an agricultural broker. Green Farm Energy wants to partner up with horticultural entrepreneurs. Growers who are interested in a partnership should have at least 1,000 m2 of roof available. This may be unused glass, but the panels can also be placed on a barn or packaging hall. No license is required to install the solar panels and Green Farm Energy takes care of the entire process. The expertise of Kerklaan Greenhouses is also called in for the technical implementation.

Smith indicates that there are many advantages for growers to partner up with them. “It provides an extra source of income, you’ll contribute to making the Netherlands more sustainable and we can also offer discounts on green electricity in cooperation with energy suppliers.”
So, it’s a win-win-win situation.

This article was originally published in Kas Magazine.