Agriculture and solar energy combined (agri-pv)

The combination of agriculture and solar energy on the same piece of land is, as far as Trio Investment is concerned, the future of land-based solar energy. We are committed to real dual use: for arable farming, that means growing strips of land between the panels, or growing shadow crops underneath the panels. For cattle farmers, it offers the possibility to let the cattle walk between and under the panels. With the additional advantage that the livestock is protected against heat stress and precipitation.

Additional benefits

In addition, it offers even more benefits to the farmer: on their agricultural land he or she now receives twice the income; 1) from the sale of agricultural products and 2) income from land rent for the production of renewable energy. This renewable energy can then be used in business operations, which means that the agricultural products meet certain sustainability requirements and can therefore often be sold with a premium. Think of the PlanetProof milk, where the milk yields 2 cents per liter more.


We strive for an optimum harmony between agricultural use and fitting in with the landscape. Together with you and the local stakeholders the best design is determined. This, so that local benefits will come out of it. For example, the project can provide ecological reinforcement by planting flowers and herbal grassland around it. But also, other good ideas can often be fitted in, which strengthens the bond with the local municipality and population.

At various locations in the Netherlands we are already working with farmers to realize this.


Do you have a suitable location for both agriculture and energy production? Would you like to know more about how we would proceed? And would you like to design the farm of the future together with us? We are happy to meet with you and make an offer tailored to your specific situation.
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Green Farm Energy

In the agricultural sector we work together with our partner Schep Makelaardij under the name Green Farm Energy.