About us

Founded in 2016, Trio Investment BV is a renewable energy investment company active in Europe and Emerging Markets.  We are specialized in project development, construction, installation, and financing of renewable energy projects that are bankable and insurable.  In order to succeed in our goals, we work only with the most reputable equipment suppliers as well as technical, legal and tax advisors with proven track record.

Trio’s experience in renewable energy comes from the vast experience of its group companies, and its shareholders in the international project finance and energy sectors.  Trio is currently working on a project pipeline of 850 MWp in Europe and Emerging Markets.

We are committed to expand our project portfolio and looking to invest in ground mounted, roof top, parking and floating solar PV projects.

Sustainable and social impact

Trio Investment wants to create sustainable and social impact for now and in the future. That is why we invest in and commit to projects for over 15 years. This way we can deliver more than just a sustainable energy project and at the same time support the site owner for the long term. We devise how a project fits in optimally with its surroundings, technically, but also socially and ecologically. After all, generating sustainable energy does not have to mean that the land can no longer be used to grow crops or to sprout livestock.

We want to share the profit that is achieved with local stakeholders. Depending on the details of the project, one could consider things like planting local nature, acquiring shares in the project, allocation of emission rights, more frequent out-walking of livestock, free charging points for bicycles or cars, allotment gardens, a petting zoo, just what the municipality and local residents need. We are always striving to let sustainable energy and local facilities go hand in hand.

We are proud to say that we are contributing our share in the global energy transition to make our planet a carbon neutral place.

Investing in Solar Energy for a Brighter Future